sexta-feira, 26 de novembro de 2010

Enable - Project of the store

Hello guys,  long time passed since I  left my last post here..

Well, sorry... I really was busy with my college work (Design of Games)..But the days from now will be better, because I'll have more time to my personal works  and of course!   to post here.

After suffering a lot these last five months doing works and more works in college, I finally finished the most complicated.

"The project "enable" ( composed by me and more 10 guys :P)"

  The project goal was to create an environment (shop) that could be adapted so that handicapped people (possible also for other public) can use easly and more comfort that environment. Especially also for the installation of technology and-ble, name of software that applies the famous novel of today Augmented Reality.
  This software simulates a virtual fitting room, where a person can experience various clothes (seen only in the interface) faster and with less difficulty, since disabled people generally do not have the same easly that other people have in stores, such as clothing .

This is the site of my work enable where you can have more informations.


and the views of the environment to you see

image above -- Room where the Tecnology e-ble works

                                                                  Top  view store


hope you like.

ps: Sorry my English, I'm still trying to improve it .. xD