sábado, 29 de janeiro de 2011


Some animations that I did last year in my college (2010)

Ball with tail from Ramassés Romero on Vimeo.

Balls from Ramassés Romero on Vimeo.

Whip from Ramassés Romero on Vimeo.

all done in maya 2011

sexta-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2011

Enable - Video Promo

Enable - Video Promo from Guilherme "xot" Oliveira on Vimeo.

This is short animation that I did with help one guy (Guilherme Oliveira - The Uploader of the video) of my college and the girl who's talking in the video :D (of my college too).

To understand this Work, see this page: Enable

I did the animation and he the post-production :D
hope you like.


domingo, 16 de janeiro de 2011

Hoverbike - sketch

Hello everyone...

It's a new project that I'm doing these days... I did this sketch on the 3d max studio, because for me it's easier to draw after on photoshop. I just did this way, for after take the right perspective when I draw on photoshop.

I didn't get yet do a cool render, so, I'm posting here some views of my viewport.

until now , I'm glad with the result ^^
Of course, the model Will Be Have some changes as I am drawing again.

Hope you like ^^,

ps: sorry some dumb mistakes in my English, I'm still trying to improve it: D

quinta-feira, 13 de janeiro de 2011


I was seeing some old works in my HD, and I found layouts that I did for a client some years ago.

just examples :D